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Packing with Purpose

June 19, 20232 min read

“I'm that girl getting all her jewelry flagged at security like, 'Sir, just let me be great'.” - Dominique Devereaux

From packing for various climates and activities to staying stylish without adding luggage weight and mastering toiletries, listen in as Style Strategist Dominique Devereaux and I discuss what you need to know to a pack like a pro and our travel must-haves. 

1. Short on time? Get right to the goods you came for:

  • 03:15 How to stop over-packing

  • 06:28 How to pack for a variety of environments & activities + which pieces get you “the most bang for the weight”

  • 10:08 Essentials for a travel capsule wardrobe

  • 13:15 Is a packing a travel steamer worth it? 

  • 15:12 Dominique’s must-have clothing piece for travel

  • 16:42 How to sort clothes in your suitcase; Dominique’s method vs. Celia’s

  • 23:50 Dominique’s secret to packing less 

  • 26:32 What to wear on the plane

  • 31:50 How to make outfit planning easier

  • 34:30 How to stop forgetting things

  • 36:11 Tips for minimizing cosmetics  

  • 40:42 Always keep this in your carry-on

  • 41:38 Celia’s #1 must-have travel item

  • 44:20 The lesser known benefit of packing cubes

  • 45:20 Must-have medicines and other “Mary Poppins Prepared” items

  • 46:24 The best cosmetic case for travel

  • 49:06 We all need to do this more

  • 49:45 How Dominique can help you pack

  • 51:23 The silliest “goodbye” you’ve heard in a while 🤣 #keepingitreal

2. Product Links As promised, here are the links to the various products mentioned :)

3. Other Packing Resources

  • Download my free Savvy Ultimate Travel Checklist (editable!)

  • Dominique's Travel Edit Service: cut down your packing time and luggage weight through her signature quick trip editing system. Learn more and book here.

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